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Last Updated on: 28-Feb-2024 ( ago)
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Besom Pockets: The Subtle Art of Pocket Design in Fashion

Besom Pockets in Textiles: Detailing its History, Types, and Applications


The world of textiles is vast, diverse, and full of interesting elements. One such element is "Besom Pockets," a unique style of pocket that has become integral to various apparel designs. This article delves deep into the realm of Besom Pockets, exploring its history, types, and practical tips for handling them. The profiles of five major international manufacturers or users are included to provide real-world perspectives on its applications, adding more depth to our understanding of Besom Pockets in the textile industry.

A Brief History and Origin of Besom Pockets

Originating from the tailored suit jackets of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Besom Pockets, also known as slit pockets, have a fascinating history. They were designed to provide a more streamlined and refined look to the garment without the added bulk of patch or flap pockets. The term 'besom' refers to a narrow piece of fabric that typically borders the pocket slit, creating a polished and sophisticated finish. Over the years, Besom Pockets have transitioned from being exclusive to men's tailored wear to becoming a staple in various forms of men's and women's clothing.

Types of Besom Pockets

  • Single-Besom Pocket: This features a single strip of fabric (the besom) along one side of the pocket opening.
  • Double-Besom Pocket: This features besom strips on both sides of the pocket opening. Double-Besom Pockets are commonly seen in formal jackets and blazers.
  • Flap Besom Pocket: This is a variation of the Double-Besom Pocket that includes a flap covering the pocket opening.

Tips for Handling Besom Pockets

  • When cleaning garments with Besom Pockets, it is recommended to empty the pockets to prevent distortion.
  • For a sharp appearance, avoid overfilling Besom Pockets as they are designed more for aesthetics than functionality.
  • In case of wrinkles or distortions, a low heat iron can be used to smooth the besom strips.

Profiles of Major International Manufacturers or Users

  • Giorgio Armani: Known for their tailored suits and blazers, the Italian luxury fashion house Giorgio Armani often incorporates Double-Besom Pockets in their designs, reinforcing the brand's image of sophistication and elegance.
  • Hugo Boss: The Germany-based international fashion brand Hugo Boss uses Besom Pockets extensively in their suits and formal jackets, offering a clean and polished look.
  • Calvin Klein: American fashion house Calvin Klein regularly uses Besom Pockets in their collections, from formal wear to casual jackets, showing the versatility of the design.
  • Ralph Lauren: Ralph Lauren, the iconic American designer, uses Flap Besom Pockets in their Polo line to add a sporty yet sophisticated touch to their blazers and jackets.
  • Ermenegildo Zegna: Renowned for its luxurious fabrics and tailored clothing, the Italian brand Ermenegildo Zegna frequently uses Besom Pockets to add a polished finishing touch to their high-quality garments.

Applications of Besom Pockets

  • Suit Jackets and Blazers: Besom Pockets are commonly used in suit jackets and blazers due to their clean and streamlined appearance. They provide a subtle detail that enhances the overall look of the garment without disrupting the silhouette.
  • Dresses and Skirts: Besom Pockets are also used in women's wear, particularly in dresses and skirts where they offer a sleek and functional element to the design.
  • Pants and Trousers: In men's and women's pants and trousers, Besom Pockets are typically used for back pockets, providing a clean and flat look that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


The role of Besom Pockets in the textile industry extends beyond their initial introduction in men's formal wear. Over time, they have become a versatile design element used in a wide range of garments, including women's wear and casual apparel. The elegance and subtlety of Besom Pockets, coupled with their functional aspect, make them a staple in fashion design. They represent the intricate balancing act between style and functionality, aesthetics and practicality, that is at the core of successful garment design. As the profiles of the major international manufacturers suggest, Besom Pockets continue to be relevant and widely used in the fashion industry. This enduring relevance underlines their significance and underscores the importance of understanding their various types and proper handling. In sum, Besom Pockets encapsulate the intersection of history, design, and technique in the textile industry, making them a fascinating subject of study.

A narrow piece of fabric that works as an edging on a pocket; can be single besom, one side of pocket opening or double besom, both sides.
Besom Pockets
Self fabric or satin strip on top of pocket. Double besom is two strips, one over pocket opening and one on top of pocket

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