What is "Mandarin Collar" - Definition & Explanation
Last Updated on: 14-Jun-2024 ( ago)
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Mandarin Collar's Global Voyage: From Imperial Robes to Runways

Unraveling the Elegance: The Story of the Mandarin Collar

When discussing fashion and textile milestones, the elegance and uniqueness of the Mandarin collar cannot be overlooked. A simple yet striking statement, this collar design has journeyed from its Eastern origins to captivate global fashion industries. The Mandarin collar, characterized by its upright stand and absence of a collar blade or fold, tells a historical and cultural tale that weaves through centuries and civilizations.

History and Origin

The Mandarin collar traces its roots back to early China, particularly the Qing Dynasty. It was an integral part of the Manchu clothing style, which later became widespread during the dynasty's reign. The name "Mandarin" is derived from the Manchu rulers, who were often referred to as "Mandarins" by Westerners. The collar is also reminiscent of the garments worn by scholars and officials in ancient China. Over the years, it has transformed, incorporated, and adapted into various styles across Asia and beyond.

Types of Mandarin Collars

  • Classic High-Standing: Represents the traditional, almost cylindrical collar shape that stands upright.
  • Tapered Front Opening: Begins high at the nape and tapers to a V-shape in the front.
  • Modern Rounded: Incorporates soft curves instead of the straighter edges seen in classic styles.
  • Short-Heighted: A modern adaptation, this style is less pronounced, offering a subtle hint to its origins.

Handling Tips

  • Opt for gentle washing cycles to preserve the collars upright form.
  • Avoid hanging as the weight of the garment might cause the collar to lose its shape.
  • For best results, dry-clean garments featuring Mandarin collars.
  • Store garments flat or with padding to maintain the collar's integrity.
  • Use a cool iron with gentle pressure to reshape the collar when needed.

Profiles of Leading Manufacturers or Users

  • Shanghai Tang: A luxury brand renowned for blending traditional Chinese design with contemporary fashion, Shanghai Tang frequently incorporates the Mandarin collar into its elegant collections.
  • Giorgio Armani: The iconic fashion designer has, on numerous occasions, integrated the Mandarin collar into his collections, showcasing its universal appeal.
  • Gucci: This luxury brand has embraced the Mandarin collar, particularly in its menswear lines, blending Italian chic with Eastern elegance.
  • Uniqlo: Representing high street fashion, Uniqlo offers modern interpretations of the Mandarin collar in its varied collections.
  • Zara: With a finger on the pulse of fashion trends, Zara has presented several pieces featuring the Mandarin collar, appealing to a global audience.


  • Cultural Festivities: Mandarin collars often grace traditional attire during Lunar New Year celebrations and similar events across Asia.
  • Formal Wear: From suits to dresses, the Mandarin collar has found a place in formal attire globally, offering a touch of distinct sophistication.
  • Casual Apparel: T-shirts, summer dresses, and more now feature Mandarin collars, demonstrating its versatility.
  • Uniform Design: From hotel staff to airline crews, the collar has been embraced in uniform designs for its neat and distinguished appearance.


The Mandarin collar, with its illustrious history and diverse applications, stands as a testament to the timeless allure of fashion elements rooted in culture and heritage. Its journey from the imperial courts of ancient China to the global fashion runways of the 21st century underscores the universality of design. It also underscores the idea that fashion is not merely about adornment but is intrinsically tied to identity, tradition, and history. As the world becomes increasingly globalized, the embrace of the Mandarin collar serves as a poignant reminder of the beauty in diversity and the shared threads that weave humanity together.

Mandarin Collar
Also known as the band collar, it stands up against the neck and is a top stylish choice. Spread collar ? Very much like a standard button-front shirt, but the points in front are wider apart.
Mandarin Collar
A formal shirt with banded collar only and no wings, usually featuring a wide pleated front.
Mandarin Collar
A stiff, band-like collar with a opening at the front; also called a Chinese collar.
Mandarin Collar
A short, stand-up collar, adopted from the close-fitting Asian collar.

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