What is "Micromattique" - Definition & Explanation
Last Updated on: 28-May-2024 ( ago)
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Micromattique Mastery: Blending Nature’s Best with Human Ingenuity

Unveiling the Secret of Micromattique: A Textile Revolution


In the vast, evolving world of textiles, Micromattique stands out as a marvel. Combining cutting-edge technology with comfort, this fiber has garnered attention and redefined the parameters of what textiles can achieve. Understanding Micromattique requires delving deep into its origins, structure, and applications.

History and Origin

Micromattique's journey began with the quest to develop fibers that could replicate the luxurious feel of natural fibers while providing superior performance attributes. Driven by advancements in polymer science and textile engineering, scientists successfully developed a fiber with an exceptionally fine diameter, leading to the birth of Micromattique. Since its introduction, it has become synonymous with comfort, luxury, and high-performance functionality in textiles.

Types of Micromattique

  • Standard Micromattique: The original iteration known for its general versatility in a range of applications.
  • High-Tenacity Micromattique: Designed for increased strength, suitable for rigorous applications.
  • Trilobal Micromattique: Features a unique cross-section for enhanced luster and brightness.
  • High-Wicking Micromattique: Modified for improved moisture management, perfect for activewear.

Profiles of Major International Manufacturers or Users

  • Invista: A global powerhouse in producing fibers and polymers, Invista has pioneered many innovations, with Micromattique being a notable feather in their cap.
  • Teijin: A Japanese multinational, Teijin has embraced Micromattique for its performance attributes, incorporating it into their high-quality textiles range.
  • Dupont: As one of the pioneers in synthetic fibers, Dupont's endeavors in Micromattique highlight their commitment to pushing textile boundaries.
  • Mitsubishi Chemical: Their extensive polymer science knowledge has led them to explore and capitalize on Micromattique's potential.
  • Hyosung: The South Korean conglomerate has ventured into Micromattique, appreciating its unique blend of comfort and durability.


  • Activewear: Micromattique's moisture-wicking properties make it ideal for sportswear, ensuring athletes remain dry and comfortable.
  • Luxury Garments: The silky touch and luster of Micromattique have found favor in high-end fashion, offering both aesthetics and performance.
  • Home Textiles: From bed linens to curtains, the fiber's unique attributes offer both touch comfort and visual appeal.
  • Undergarments: Micromattiques hypoallergenic properties and soft touch make it perfect for intimate wear, ensuring maximum comfort.

Tips in Handling Micromattique

  • For washing, use mild detergents and cold water to retain fiber integrity.
  • Avoid excessive wringing; gently squeeze water out of wet garments.
  • Line dry or tumble dry on low heat settings to prevent fiber damage.
  • Ironing is often unnecessary due to the wrinkle-resistant nature, but if needed, use low heat.
  • Store garments in cool, dry places, preferably in cloth bags to maintain freshness.


The story of Micromattique is emblematic of humanity's relentless pursuit of perfection. In seeking to replicate the best attributes of natural fibers, science has gifted us with a textile that not only rivals nature in touch and feel but also surpasses it in performance. Micromattique is more than just a fiber; it represents the fusion of nature's genius and human ingenuity.

In the broader spectrum of textiles, Micromattique offers a glimpse into the future. A future where comfort doesn't compromise durability, where luxury is also practical, and where textiles serve beyond mere functionality, enhancing the quality of our lives. As we stand on the cusp of textile evolution, Micromattique emerges not just as a product of innovation but as a beacon, lighting the path forward.

A brand of polyester microfiber trademarked by Du Pont.

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