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Last Updated on: 18-Mar-2023 (6 months, 15 days ago)
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In textile terminology, a "cap" refers to a specific type of headgear that is made from fabric and is designed to cover the head. Caps are worn for various purposes, including fashion, protection, and sports. They come in different styles, shapes, and sizes, offering versatility and functionality.

Caps are typically constructed from a combination of materials such as cotton, polyester, nylon, or a blend of these fibers. These materials provide durability, breathability, and comfort. The construction of a cap involves cutting fabric panels into specific shapes, stitching them together, and incorporating additional components such as a brim, crown, and closure.

The brim of a cap is a stiff or semi-stiff material attached to the front of the crown, extending outward. It serves the purpose of shielding the eyes and face from the sun or other elements. The crown of the cap is the top part that covers the head and provides the structure and shape. Caps may have a structured crown, which maintains its shape even when not being worn, or an unstructured crown, which is softer and more flexible.

Caps can be customized with various features, such as ventilation eyelets, sweatbands, or adjustable closures, to enhance comfort and functionality. Ventilation eyelets allow airflow and help regulate temperature, while sweatbands absorb moisture to keep the head dry. Adjustable closures, such as straps, buckles, or snapbacks, enable the cap to be adjusted to different head sizes.

The versatility of caps makes them popular among a wide range of users, including individuals seeking fashionable headwear, athletes in various sports, and workers in industries where head protection is required. Some of the top users and manufacturers of caps include:

Fashion Brands: Many fashion brands incorporate caps as part of their accessory line. These brands often focus on style, using premium materials, unique designs, and branding elements to create fashionable caps. Examples of fashion brands known for their caps include Supreme, Gucci, Adidas, and New Era.

Sports Apparel Companies: Caps are commonly worn in sports to represent teams, promote brands, or provide sun protection for athletes. Sports apparel companies like Nike, Under Armour, Puma, and Reebok produce caps designed specifically for athletes and sports enthusiasts. These caps often feature moisture-wicking materials, breathable panels, and team logos or emblems.

Workwear Brands: In industries such as construction, manufacturing, and logistics, caps are used as a part of the uniform to provide head protection and promote brand visibility. Workwear brands like Carhartt, Dickies, and Red Kap manufacture durable caps designed to withstand rugged environments while offering comfort and safety.

Promotional Product Suppliers: Caps are commonly used as promotional items by businesses and organizations to increase brand recognition. Promotional product suppliers like 4imprint, HALO Branded Solutions, and Crestline offer a wide range of customizable caps that can be branded with company logos or messages.

Sports Teams: Professional sports teams, collegiate athletic programs, and recreational leagues often have caps as part of their merchandise. These caps bear team logos, colors, and slogans, and are sought after by fans and supporters.

Caps have become a staple accessory in the fashion industry and a functional piece of headwear for various activities. With their ability to combine style, comfort, and functionality, caps continue to be popular among diverse user groups, ranging from fashion-conscious individuals to athletes and professionals requiring head protection.
A cap is a form of headgear. Caps are generally soft, and often have no brim, or just a peak (like on a baseball cap).

For many centuries women wore a wide variety of head-coverings which were called caps. In the 18th and 19th centuries for example a cap was a kind of head covering made of a flimsy fabric such as muslin; they were worn indoors by married women, or older unmarried women who were "on the shelf" (e.g. mob-cap).

A cap is a form of headgear. Caps have crowns that fit closer than hats and have no brim or only a visor. They are typically designed for warmth and, when including a visor, blocking the sun from the eyes.

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