What is "Leno" - Definition & Explanation
Last Updated on: 01-Jan-2023 (9 months, 3 days ago)
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Leno Weave: An Intricate Journey from Ancient Nets to Modern Textiles

Leno Weave: An Unfolding Thread in Textiles

The term 'Leno' in textiles refers to a particular weave type characterized by its strength, transparency, and twist manipulation. Leno weave's origins trace back to ancient times when it was primarily used for making nets and veils due to its open, yet stable structure.

Varieties of Leno Weave

  • Single Leno Weave: A basic form of Leno weave, typically characterized by two warp yarns crossing over each other around a single weft yarn.
  • Double Leno Weave: Involves two warp and two weft yarns. The warp yarns cross over each other on both sides of the weft yarns, forming a more stable and robust fabric.
  • Tubular Leno Weave: This type of Leno weave is used to produce seamless tube fabrics, commonly found in protective clothing and certain bags.

Handling Leno Fabric

  • Storage: Given its robust yet delicate structure, Leno fabric should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Cleaning: Leno fabric should be gently hand washed or professionally cleaned to maintain its integrity.
  • Sewing: While sewing Leno fabrics, a fresh, sharp needle and polyester thread are recommended. Overlock stitch can be used to prevent the edges from fraying.

Key International Manufacturers and Users

  • Phifer Incorporated: A leading weaver of Leno fabric, especially in the realm of insect screening.
  • Reliance Industries: An integrated player that manufactures Leno bags for packaging purposes.
  • Chella Textiles: A manufacturer renowned for their Leno-weave decorative fabrics.
  • Saint-Gobain ADFORS: A major player in the Leno fabric industry, producing high-quality industrial textiles.
  • Marimekko: A Finnish design house, known for using various Leno fabrics in its unique collections.

Applications of Leno Weave

  • Insect Screening: Its open, secure structure makes Leno fabric a popular choice for insect screens.
  • Decorative Fabrics: Leno weave's unique aesthetic makes it a popular choice for drapes and other home decor textiles.
  • Industrial Applications: Due to its strength and stability, Leno fabric is used in industries for filtration and packaging purposes.

In conclusion, Leno weave, with its unique characteristics, diverse types, and varied applications, holds an essential place in the textile industry. Its strength, transparency, and aesthetic appeal make it a popular choice among designers and manufacturers worldwide.

It is a net like fabric constructed by causing a warp end to cross over another end. This is made possible by the use of doup healds.
Refers to an open weave fabric. In a leno weave the warp yarns are arranged in pairs, twisting or interlocking around the filling yarn to prevent slippage and make the open weave stronger and more firm.
A fabric made with leno weave, namely an open weave in which pairs of warp yarns cross one another and thereby lock the filling yarn in position.
An open, lacy weave in which the filling yarn is woven through figure eights made out of warp fibers; gauze.

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