What is "Shirring tape" - Definition & Explanation
Last Updated on: 23-Apr-2023 (1 year, 1 month, 6 days ago)
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Shirring tape
Shirring tape is a specialized type of tape used in the textile industry to create shirring or gathering effects in fabric. It is a versatile tool that enables the gathering of fabric to create decorative and functional elements in garments, home furnishings, and other textile products.

Definition and Function of Shirring Tape:
Shirring tape consists of a narrow strip of woven or knitted material, typically made from polyester or cotton, that contains evenly spaced parallel channels or casings. These casings serve as channels for elastic or drawstrings, allowing the fabric to be gathered and adjusted to create desired effects.

The primary function of shirring tape is to provide a convenient and efficient method for creating controlled gathers or shirring in fabric. By inserting elastic or drawstrings into the tape's casings, the fabric can be gathered evenly along the tape's length, creating decorative ruffles, pleats, or gathering effects. The tape helps distribute the gathers evenly and holds them in place, ensuring consistent and professional results.

Types of shirring tape
There are a number of different types of shirring tape, each with its own unique properties. Some of the most common types of shirring tape include:

Woven shirring tape: Woven shirring tape is the most common type of shirring tape. It is made of a woven fabric and has a series of evenly spaced rows of holes. Woven shirring tape is strong and durable and can be used to create a variety of different effects.

Knitted shirring tape: Knitted shirring tape is a type of shirring tape that is made of a knitted fabric. Knitted shirring tape is stretchy and can be used to create a more relaxed fit.

Elastic shirring tape: Elastic shirring tape is a type of shirring tape that has elastic sewn into it. Elastic shirring tape is very stretchy and can be used to create a very fitted look.

How to use shirring tape
Shirring tape is easy to use. Simply insert the tape into a sewing machine and sew along the rows of holes. The fabric will gather or pleat as it is sewn. Shirring tape can be used with a variety of different fabrics, including cotton, linen, and polyester.

Uses of Shirring Tape:
Shirring tape finds extensive use in various textile applications. In garments, it is commonly employed in the construction of waistbands, cuffs, and sleeves to add elasticity and gather the fabric for a more fitted appearance. It is also used in the creation of ruffles, flounces, and decorative trims, providing a convenient way to add volume and texture to clothing.

In home furnishings, shirring tape is utilized in the production of curtains, drapes, bed skirts, and pillow shams. It allows for controlled gathering of fabric panels, creating elegant and visually appealing pleats or ruffles. The tape can be easily sewn into the fabric, providing a convenient alternative to traditional hand-sewn gathering techniques.

Top Global Users and Manufacturers:
Several companies specialize in the production of shirring tape, catering to the global textile industry. While it is challenging to provide an exhaustive list, some notable manufacturers and users include:

Prym Consumer:
Prym Consumer is a renowned manufacturer of sewing notions and accessories, including shirring tape. They offer a wide range of shirring tapes in various widths, materials, and colors to meet the diverse needs of the textile industry.

Dritz is a prominent supplier of sewing and crafting supplies. They produce shirring tape with different casing widths and elastic insertion options, catering to both commercial and individual users.

Coats Group PLC:
Coats Group is a leading global thread and yarn manufacturer. They also produce shirring tape, leveraging their expertise in textile materials. Their shirring tapes are known for their quality and durability.

Amann Group: Amann Group is a Swiss company that manufactures a variety of different textile products, including shirring tape. Amann Group has manufacturing facilities in over 20 countries.

Yarns & Things: Yarns & Things is a British company that manufactures a variety of different textile products, including shirring tape. Yarns & Things has manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom and the United States.

RiWaTex: RiWaTex is a German company that manufactures a variety of different textile products, including shirring tape. RiWaTex has manufacturing facilities in Germany and China.

Freudenberg: Freudenberg is a German company that manufactures a variety of different products, including textile products, including shirring tape. Freudenberg has manufacturing facilities in over 50 countries.

Vicunha: Vicunha is a Brazilian company that manufactures a variety of different textile products, including shirring tape. Vicunha has manufacturing facilities in Brazil, China, and India.

Apparel Manufacturers and Designers:
Garment manufacturers and designers worldwide utilize shirring tape extensively in their production processes. From high-end fashion houses to mass-market clothing brands, shirring tape finds application in various apparel items, ranging from dresses and blouses to swimwear and lingerie.

Home Furnishing Companies:
Companies specializing in home furnishing products, such as curtains, drapes, and bedding, rely on shirring tape to create attractive gathering effects. These companies incorporate shirring tape into their production processes to enhance the visual appeal of their products and offer functional features like adjustable curtain headers.

In conclusion, shirring tape is a versatile tool used in the textile industry to create gathers and shirring effects in fabric. It enables the controlled gathering of fabric through its casings, which accommodate elastic or drawstrings. Shirring tape finds applications in garments, home furnishings, and various textile products, offering a convenient way to add decorative and functional elements. Prominent manufacturers and users of shirring tape include Prym Consumer, Dritz, Coats Group PLC, apparel manufacturers, and home furnishing companies.
Shirring tape
Manufactured fabric tape with embedded threads to produce shirring.

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