What is "Argyle" - Definition & Explanation
Last Updated on: 28-May-2024 ( ago)
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Unfolding the Argyle: The Diamond Pattern that Shaped Textile History

Delving Into the Intricacies of Argyle in Textiles

The rich history of textiles is filled with fascinating patterns that have withstood the test of time, transitioning from practical use to the global fashion arena. One such timeless pattern is the Argyle. With its bold colors and distinctive diamond-shaped design, the Argyle has etched its imprint on the tapestry of textiles, from socks and sweaters to an array of fabrics and home dcor.

History and Origin

The origin of the Argyle pattern is deeply rooted in the 17th century in Argyll, western Scotland. It is linked to the tartan of Clan Campbell, one of the largest Scottish Highland clans, who ruled the district of Argyll. The pattern came into mainstream fashion in the 20th century when the Duke of Windsor, an avid golfer, started wearing Argyle socks, paving the way for its association with golfing attire.

Types of Argyle

While the basic structure of the Argyle pattern remains the same, it has evolved into various forms:

  • Classic Argyle: Characterized by a diamond pattern, usually in muted colors, with superimposed diagonal lines.
  • Modern Argyle: Features vibrant colors and different pattern sizes, adding a contemporary spin to the classic design.
  • Textured Argyle: Incorporates different materials and textures within the pattern, creating a tactile and visual contrast.

Tips for Handling Argyle

The proper care of Argyle fabrics can significantly extend their lifespan:

  • Cleaning: Always follow the cleaning instructions on the garment's label. Most Argyle knitwear should be hand washed or dry-cleaned to maintain its shape and color.
  • Storage: Argyle clothing, particularly knitwear, should be folded and stored flat to prevent stretching.
  • Wear: When wearing Argyle knitwear, be mindful of sharp objects that can snag the yarn, damaging the pattern.

Profiles of Major International Manufacturers or Users

Argyle's universal appeal has made it a popular choice among a variety of brands and designers:

  • Pringle of Scotland: Known as the original creators of Argyle knitwear, Pringle of Scotland has been in operation since 1815. The company's Argyle sweaters are a perfect blend of Scottish heritage and modern sophistication.
  • Burberry: The luxury British brand, Burberry, has frequently incorporated Argyle patterns into its collections, providing a high-fashion edge to this traditional design.
  • Ralph Lauren: American designer Ralph Lauren has embraced the Argyle pattern in his preppy-inspired collections. From sweaters to socks, the Argyle pattern plays a significant role in Lauren's interpretation of classic American style.
  • Brooks Brothers: As America's oldest clothing retailer, Brooks Brothers has a long history of producing high-quality Argyle garments, further cementing the pattern's association with traditional, sophisticated style.
  • Tommy Hilfiger: Known for his classic, American style, Tommy Hilfiger has incorporated Argyle patterns into his collections, providing a modern twist on this traditional pattern.

Applications of Argyle

Argyle has a wide range of applications, proving its versatility:

  • Clothing: Argyle is most commonly seen in clothing, particularly knitwear such as sweaters and socks.
  • Home Dcor: The Argyle pattern has found its place in home dcor, from rugs and pillows to wall coverings.
  • Accessories: Argyle patterns are used in accessories such as scarves, ties, and even jewelry.


The history and popularity of the Argyle pattern underscore its significant impact on the textile industry. Its transformation from a regional insignia to a universally embraced design stands as a testament to its timeless appeal. Whether manifested in a luxurious Burberry scarf, a cozy Ralph Lauren sweater, or a statement piece from Tommy Hilfiger, the Argyle pattern continues to delight and fascinate fashion enthusiasts and textile connoisseurs alike.

Despite the constant evolution of fashion trends, Argyle holds firm, continually reinvented and rejuvenated by designers who admire its history and potential. A perfect blend of tradition and modernity, Argyle promises to maintain its unique position in the pantheon of textile patterns. Understanding its intriguing journey and varied applications enhances our appreciation of Argyle, inviting us to further explore the ever-evolving and fascinating world of textiles.

A design of various colored diamond shaped blocks on a single colored ground, usually crossed by lines in a diamond shape. Popular in sweaters and hosiery.

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