What is "Crepe De Chine" - Definition & Explanation
Last Updated on: 22-Apr-2024 ( ago)
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Crepe De Chine: From Silk Roads to Runways

Crepe De Chine: The Luxurious Fabric with a Rich Legacy

The world of textiles boasts an array of fabrics, each with its unique charm. Among the vast sea of materials, one stands out with its refined elegance: Crepe De Chine. Recognized for its smooth texture and captivating sheen, Crepe De Chine is a symbol of sophistication in fabric craftsmanship.

History and Origin

Crepe De Chine, translating to "Crepe from China," has its origins deeply rooted in ancient Chinese silk production. It represents a tradition of sericulture dating back thousands of years, where the meticulous breeding of silkworms and the skillful spinning of their threads led to the birth of this luxurious fabric. Over time, the beauty of Crepe De Chine began to captivate the world, leading it to be celebrated and sought after by fashion enthusiasts and royalty alike.

Types of Crepe De Chine

  • Silk Crepe De Chine: The most authentic form made from pure silk, offering a delicate touch and a luminous finish.
  • Polyester Crepe De Chine: Provides a similar texture to its silk counterpart, but with a more affordable price tag.
  • Stretch Crepe De Chine: Infused with elastane or spandex for added flexibility, making it ideal for body-hugging designs.
  • Double Georgette Crepe De Chine: Heavier with a slightly textured surface, it retains the fabric's signature drape.

Tips for Mastery

  • Always dry clean or hand-wash with mild detergent to maintain the fabric's integrity.
  • Iron on a low heat setting with a cloth barrier to avoid damaging the delicate fibers.
  • Store away from direct sunlight to prevent the vibrant colors from fading.
  • Use sharp scissors or shears when cutting to prevent fraying.

Profiles of Leading Manufacturers or Users

  • Loro Piana: An Italian luxury textile company, Loro Piana has long championed the use of premium materials like Crepe De Chine in their collections, emphasizing unparalleled quality.
  • Chanel: A paragon of high fashion, Chanel frequently employs Crepe De Chine, especially in its couture collections, underlining the fabric's elegance.
  • Mulberry Silks: Specializing in authentic silk materials, Mulberry Silks is revered for its top-notch Crepe De Chine offerings, capturing the essence of luxury.
  • Calvin Klein: The American fashion giant's sophisticated collections often feature Crepe De Chine, signifying its timeless appeal.
  • Dior: In the echelons of luxury fashion, Dior's embrace of Crepe De Chine is a testament to its eternal allure in the fashion world.


  • Evening Gowns: The fabric's graceful drape makes it a preferred choice for evening wear, symbolizing elegance and luxury.
  • Blouses and Shirts: Crepe De Chine's soft texture and lustrous appearance enhance everyday attire, elevating them to chic staples.
  • Scarves: With its fluidity and sheen, it becomes the perfect material for scarves, offering both warmth and style.
  • Skirts: From A-line to pleated designs, the fabric's adaptability ensures it's a favorite for skirt creations.


Crepe De Chine stands as a testament to the evolution of textile craftsmanship. Its journey from the ancient silk roads of China to the haute couture runways of Paris speaks volumes about its timeless appeal and enduring luxury. Whether draped as a stunning evening gown or worn daily as a blouse, its beauty remains unwavering. In a world where fashion trends come and go, Crepe De Chine has solidified its place as an everlasting symbol of elegance. Through understanding its history, types, and nuanced care requirements, one gains not only knowledge but also a profound appreciation for this exquisite fabric. The legacy of Crepe De Chine, with its rich past and promising future, continues to inspire and captivate.

Crepe de Chine
Silk warp and crepe twist silk filling with more ends than picks per inch. Has a soft hand, considerable luster, launders well, and is fairly sheer. Made of raw silk or rayon, it is easy to manipulate and handle and very long wearing. Could be piece dyed or printed. Has a slight rippled texture. Heavy crepe de chine is called 'Canton crepe' which is slightly ribbed and now mostly made in rayon.
Crepe de chine
A lightweight plain weave fabric usually of silk or man made filament yarns with a slight crepe texture produces by using high twist yarns. Used in blouses and dresses.
Crepe De Chine
Lightweight Plain Weave Fabric Usually Of Silk Or Man Made Filament Yarns With A Slight Crepe Texture Produces By Using High Twist Yarns . Used In Blouses And Dresses.
Crepe De Chine
Woven fabric. Usually in silk. Soft in touch and lustrous in look. It is fairly sheer and has a slight rippled texture.

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