What is "Kangaroo Pocket" - Definition & Explanation
Last Updated on: 09-Dec-2023 ( ago)
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Kangaroo Pocket: The Pouch Revolutionizing Fashion

The Kangaroo Pocket in Textiles: A Comprehensive Overview

The History and Origin of the Kangaroo Pocket

The kangaroo pocket is a prominent feature in the world of fashion, specifically in the realm of sportswear and casual attire. The origins of the kangaroo pocket trace back to the introduction of the hoodie in the 1930s by the American sportswear company, Champion. The pocket's name is inspired by the pouch of a kangaroo, providing a convenient and accessible storage space. Over the years, the kangaroo pocket has transcended its initial utilitarian function, becoming a design feature that brings style and comfort to a wide variety of garments.

Varieties of Kangaroo Pocket

  • Standard Kangaroo Pocket:Found in most hoodies, it is a large, unified pocket located at the front of the garment.
  • Zippered Kangaroo Pocket:Adds a zipper for added security and a different aesthetic.
  • Double Kangaroo Pocket:Consists of two separate pockets side by side, rather than one unified one.
  • Interior Kangaroo Pocket:Located on the inside of the garment for more concealed storage.

Tips for Handling Kangaroo Pockets

  • Avoid overloading kangaroo pockets as it can stretch the fabric and distort the shape of the garment.
  • Ensure zippers, if any, are fully closed before washing to prevent damage.
  • If ironing a garment with a kangaroo pocket, iron around the pocket area to prevent damaging the fabric.
  • For garments with kangaroo pockets, it's recommended to use gentle wash cycles and air dry when possible to maintain the pockets shape.

International Manufacturers and Users of Kangaroo Pockets

  • Champion:As the pioneer of the hoodie with a kangaroo pocket, Champion continues to be a leader in sportswear and casual wear.
  • Nike:This American multinational is known for its sports apparel, including hoodies and sweatshirts featuring kangaroo pockets.
  • Adidas:The German multinational corporation produces a range of sportswear and casual clothing that often incorporate kangaroo pockets.
  • Supreme:Known for their streetwear, this American company often includes kangaroo pockets in their designs, adding a stylish yet functional element.
  • Uniqlo:The Japanese casual wear designer and retailer features kangaroo pockets in many of its hoodies, jackets, and other tops.

Applications of Kangaroo Pockets

  • Casual Wear:From hoodies to casual jackets, kangaroo pockets are a staple feature offering comfort and convenience.
  • Sportswear:Kangaroo pockets are found in various sports attire, providing a handy storage space for essentials during physical activities.
  • Workwear:Some work garments incorporate kangaroo pockets, providing utility and convenience for workers.
  • Children's Wear:Kangaroo pockets are also commonly used in children's wear due to their practicality and the ease with which children can use them.

Kangaroo pockets are an integral part of modern fashion, marrying functionality with style. Whether on a cold day when you need to warm your hands, or just to hold your personal items close, kangaroo pockets have proved their worth time and time again. In the coming years, it's likely we'll continue to see this textile mainstay in both old and new garment designs.

Kangaroo Pocket
A large single front pocket with side openings, allowing both hands to be inserted, meeting in the middle. This type of accent may also be referred to as a muff pocket
Kangaroo Pocket
Also known as a muff pocket. A large single frontpocket with side openings allowing both hands to be inserted, meeting in themiddle.

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