What is "Sandwashed" - Definition & Explanation
Last Updated on: 23-Jan-2023 (10 months, 11 days ago)
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Sandwashing is a textile finishing technique that involves treating fabric or garments with sand or abrasive materials to create a soft, worn-in appearance and a subtle texture. This process is commonly used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of denim, silk, and other fabrics, giving them a unique vintage or weathered look.

The sandwashing process typically begins with the fabric or garment being soaked in a mixture of water and chemicals to prepare it for abrasion. Then, sand or similar abrasive materials are added to a washing machine or tumbler along with the fabric. As the machine rotates, the sand rubs against the fabric, causing friction and gradually wearing away the surface fibers.

During the sandwashing process, the abrasive action of the sand removes the top layer of fibers from the fabric, resulting in a softer and more textured finish. This process also creates a faded or washed-out appearance, especially when applied to dyed or colored fabrics. The final result is a garment or fabric with a slightly worn and lived-in look, reminiscent of vintage clothing.

Sandwashing is commonly used in the production of denim garments, such as jeans and jackets. It is often employed to achieve the popular "distressed" or "vintage" look, where the denim appears to have been worn and aged over time. The process can be applied to the entire garment or selectively to specific areas, such as the knees or hems, to create unique patterns and visual effects.

Several renowned brands are known for their expertise in sandwashing techniques and their application in denim manufacturing. One such brand is Levi's, an iconic denim company that has been incorporating sandwashing in its production processes for many years. Levi's has mastered the art of achieving various levels of distressing, including light fading and heavy abrasion, to create different styles and finishes in their jeans.

Another notable player in the sandwashing industry is AG Adriano Goldschmied, a premium denim brand known for its high-quality and carefully crafted jeans. AG utilizes sandwashing techniques to achieve a range of finishes, from subtle fading and whiskering to more dramatic distressing, giving their denim a distinct and fashionable appeal.

Apart from denim, sandwashing is also used in silk fabric production. This technique can add a soft and luxurious touch to silk garments, enhancing their drape and feel. Brands like Equipment and Joie incorporate sandwashing to create silk clothing with a relaxed and effortless elegance, often characterized by a slightly crinkled texture and a muted color palette.

In conclusion, sandwashing is a textile finishing process that involves the use of sand or abrasive materials to create a soft, worn-in appearance and a unique texture in fabrics and garments. It is particularly popular in denim manufacturing, where it is used to achieve distressed and vintage looks. Top users and manufacturers of sandwashed textiles include renowned brands such as Levi's, AG Adriano Goldschmied, Equipment, and Joie, who have mastered the art of sandwashing to create distinct and fashionable products.
A finishing process in which the fabric is washed with sand or another abrasive material to produce a soft, sueded hand and a faded appearance.

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