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Free swell absorbency is a measure of the ability of a textile material to absorb and hold fluids, such as water or oil. It is commonly used to evaluate the performance of materials that are used in...
Skivvies is a term used to describe various types of undergarments worn by both men and women. Originally, the term referred specifically to a type of men's underwear that was popularized by the...
In textile weaving, a shuttle is a crucial tool used to carry the weft yarn back and forth across the warp yarns to create a woven fabric. This traditional method of weaving, known as shuttle...
In textile manufacturing, a stabilizer is a material or substance that is used to support and strengthen fabrics during the production process. Stabilizers are used in a variety of different...
Briefs, in the context of textiles, refer to a type of undergarment worn by both men and women. They are designed to provide support and coverage to the pelvic region, specifically the buttocks and...

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