Textile Terms Explained

Camocas is a type of textile fabric that is made from a blend of camel and cashmere fibers. The name Camocas is derived from the combination of these two fibers, which are known for their softness,...
In textile manufacturing, "stretch in weft" refers to the ability of a fabric to stretch horizontally across the width of the fabric. It is also known as "crosswise stretch" or "widthwise stretch."...
Carbonizing is a textile finishing process that involves burning or oxidizing the vegetable matter in cotton or other plant fibers to remove impurities. The process leaves the fibers more pure,...
Unraveling the Role of Polypropylene in Textiles: A Deep DivePolypropylene, a type of thermoplastic polymer resin, has significantly revolutionized the world of textiles. Its versatile properties -...
Fancy yarn is a unique type of yarn in the textile industry that adds decorative elements and visual interest to fabrics. It is characterized by its unconventional textures, colors, and structures,...

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