Textile Terms featured:

3/4 Length A Line Gown A Line Skirt Abaca
Abacaxi Fibre Abassi Fibre Abbot Abbotsford
Abdig Abercrombie Aberdeen Abestrine
Abho Abraded Yarn Abrasion Abrasion Mark
Abrasion Resistance Abrasive Fabrics Absorbency Absorbency under load
Abstract Acanthus Accordion Acetate
Acetate Fiber Acetone Acetylation Achkan
Acid Dyes Acid Washed Acid-free tissue paper Aclyfle Ingredient
Acquisition layer Acrilan Acrylic Acrylic coated
Acrylic Fiber Acrylonitrile Action Stretch Addition polymer
Adhesives Adirondack chair Adjustable Back Ager
Aging Ahimsa silk Aida cloth Air Jet Loom
Air Jet Spinning Air laying Air Permeability Air texturing
Air-laid Air-textured yarn Airo finish Airplane Fabric
Ajour Albatross Alcohol, denatured Alencon lace
Algaecide All Over Print All wood Alligator skin
Allover lace Alnage Aloha Shirts Alpaca
Alpaca Cloth Alternating Twist Alum-tanned leather Amazo
American upland Anechoic Angiaiangika Angora
Angora Fabric Angora Merino Rayon Angora wool Angora Yarn
Aniline leather Animal Fibers Animal skin Anisotropic
Annure Anorak Anti bacterial Anti Pill
Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal Anti-dumping duty Anti-microbial Anti-Static
Antifungal Antimacassar Antimicrobial Antique Satin
Antique Taffeta Antron Antron nylon Appearance Rating
Applied Appliqué Applique Apron
Apron dress Aramid Aramid Fiber Areal weight
Argentan lace Argyle Arm cover Arm Rail
Armoire Armoire Weave Armure Armure Fabric
Armure Weave Arran Art Linen Art Nouveau
Art silk Art/Embroidery linen Artificial laminate Artificial Wool
Asbestos Asharfi Buti Askewed Astrakhan
Astrakhan Cloth Atlas Attached cushion Autoclave
Automatic Feeder Awning Strife Awning Stripe Axminster
Azo-free colorants Azoic Dyes Baby Combing Wool Baby Flannel
Back Back and Fore Stitch Back Beam Back Chroming
Back Coating Back Drape Back Fabric Seam Impression Back Filling
Back Frame Back Length Back Strap Back Tanning
Back Waist Length Back Warp Back Washing Back Yoke
Backed Cloth Backed Cloth Weave Backed Fabric Backing
Backing Fabric Backing or Back Backpack Backstitching
Backstrap loom Bactericide Bacteriostat Baffle
Bag cloth Baggier Bagheera Baize
Balabar Balanced Cloth Balanced Stripes Balanced Weave
Balbriggan Baldachin Bale Ball Chair
Ball Gown Ball Warping Ball-and-claw Ballerina Neckline
Ballistic Ballistic nylon Ballistics Cloth Balloon Seat
Ballotini Balmacaan Bamboo Bamboo Fabric
Band Bandana Bandanna Bandeau(Tube Top)
Banded Collar Bandhani Banquette Bar Code
Bar stool Bar Woven Fabric Barathea barber poling
Barcelona Chair Bark Cloth Barre Barré
Barré Knitted Fabric Barrel back Barrel Chair Barrier Cloth
Barrier fabric Bartack Base Layer Base Rail
Baseball Cap Basic Block Basic Dyes Basic Finish
Basis Weight Basket stitch Basket Weave Basketweave
Basque waist (V waist) Bast Bast Fiber Bast Fibers
Bast Fibre Baste Batch (Lot) Batch Cure
Batch Dyeing Batchwise Processing Bateau Neck or Boat Neck Bath
Bathrobe Bathrobe Blanket Batik Batiste
Batlk Batt Battenberg Bayadere
Beaded Beaded, or Cut, Velvet Beading Beading lace
Beam Beam dye Beam Warping Bean Bag Chair
Bean Stitch Beat Up Beating Up Beaumontage
Beaver Beaver Cloth Bedford Cord Beetled
Beetling Beeze Beige Bell Bottoms
Belt Belting Bemberg Bench seat
Bengaline Bentwood Beret Bergere, bergere
Besom Besom Pockets Best Fiber Bi Component Fibres
Bi Shrinkage Yarn Bi-ply Knitting Bi-Swing Back Bias
Bias Belted Tyres Bias Cut Bicomponent Fiber Bicomponent Fibre
Bicomponent Yarn Bike Tards Bikini Billard Cloth
Billiard Cloth Bimini Binche lace Binder
Binder knot Binding Bioblast Biodegradable
Biofinishing Biowash Bird's Eye Birdseye
Biscuit Black Wool Blackout lining Blanket
Blanket plaid Blanket Stitch Blazer Blazer Cloth
Bleach wash Bleached Bleaching Bleaching Agent
Bleading Bleeding Blend Blended
Blended Yarn Blended yarns Blending Blending Machine
Blends Blind fret carving Blind Stitch Blind tack
Blitz Block printed Block-front Blooming
Blotch Blotch print Blouse Blouse On
Blouses Blouson Blowing Blown fiber
Blush Boa Board foot Boat Cover
Bobbin Bobbin lace Bobbinet Body Stocking
Boiled Wool Boiling Bolero Jacket Bolivia
Bolster Bolt Bolt Of Cloth Bombazine
Bombe Bomber Jacket Bond Strength Bonded
Bonded Fabric Bonded Mat Bonding Book Fold
Bookmatched Boot Cut Border Botanical
Bottle Bobbin Boucle Boucle Yarn Bourdon lace
Bourdon Stitching Bourette Bourrelet Bow (Woven Fabric)
Bowing Box Pleated Box cloth Box Coat
Box Pleat Boxers Shorts Boxing Boy Leg
Bra Brace Block Braid Braided yarn
Brassard Brassiere Break Breaker Lap
Breaking Strength Breast Beam Breathability Breathable coated
Breech Breton lace Bridled edge Brief
Briefs Bright Bright Acrylic Broad cloth
Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial Broadcloth Broadloom Brocad
Brocade Brocatelle Brocid Broken Color Pattern
Broken End (Woven Fabric) Broken Filaments Broken Pick Broken twill
Bronzing Broomstick Bruised Place Brushed fabrics
Brushed napping Brushing Brushstroke Brussels lace
Bucket Seat Buckram Buckskin Buffalo check
Bulked yarn Bulkhead Bulking Bullet proof material
Bullion Bullnose Bump Bunting
Burka Burl Burlap Burlap/Hessian
Burling Burn out Burn-in Burnout
Bushing Bustier Buta Butcher Linen
Butcher's Linen Butt Butt Joint Butterfly chair
Butterfly collar butterfly corners Button Button down Collar
Button-down Buttonhole Buttons Bycast
Byproducts Byron collar Byssinosis C. O. M
Cabana Cloth Cabin Cable Stitch Cable Twist
Cabriole Caddis Cafe curtain Caftan
Cake Calais Val Calendar Calendared cloth
Calendaring Calender Calendered Calendered Finish
Calendering Calf Leather Calibration Of Yarn Calico
Cambre Cambrian Tweed Cambric Cambric Finish
Camel Hair Camel's Hair Camelback Cameo
Cami-Strap Camise Camisole Camocas
Camp Collar Camp Pockets Can Candlewick
Candlewick Fabric Cane Canopy Cantilever chair
Canton Crepe Canton Flannel Canvas Canvas /Duck
Canvas work Cap Cap Sleeve Cape net
Capillary Action Capri Pants Caprolactam Car coat
Carbon Fibre Carbonisation Carbonising Carbonizing
Card Clothing Card Cutting Card Cuttung Carded
Carded Yarn Cardigan Cardigan Jacket Cardigan-full
Cardigan-half Carding Cargo Cargo pockets
Carpenter Pants Carpenter pants / shorts Carpet Carrickmacross Lace
Cascamite Case Goods Casement Cloth Cashment Cloth
Cashmere Casing Cassimere Cassock
Caster Catalyst Catamaran Catboat
Catfonic Cathedral Train Cationic Cavalry Twill
Cellophane Cellophane Effect Cellulase Cellulose
Cellulose Acetate Cellulosic fibres Cellulosic filament Ceremonial Clothing
Chador Chafer fabric Chaff Chainette
Chair Chair and a half Chaise lounge Challis
Chambray Chameleon Chamois Cloth Chamois twill
Chamois-like Chamoisette Channel Chantilly Lace
Chapel Train Chaps Charmeuse Chased
Chatoyance Check Cheese Cheesecloth
Chemical bonding Chemical reactivity Chemicking Chemise
Chemise(Skimmer) Chenille Chenille Fabric Chesterfield
Cheviot Chevron Chiffon Chiffon Velvet
Chifon Chikan Kari China Silk Chinchilla
Chinchilla Cloth Chino Chino cloth Chinoiserie
Chintz Chintzed fabric Chirimen Chite
Chlorinated Wool Chlorine Retention Chlorine-free bleaching Chogaichoga
Choli Chroma Chrome dye Chrome-free tanning
Chunni Circular Jersey Circular Knit Cire
Cire, nylon Cisele Clean finished self shell Cleaning
Cleaning code Clearing Clip Clip dot/Clip spot
Clipped Spot Clo Value Cloak Cloqué
Cloque Cloque Fabric Cloque/Blister fabric Closed Shed
Closed time Closures Cloth Cloth Room
Clothing Wool Cloudiness Cluny lace Coarded fabric
Coat Coated Coated Fabric Coated Fabrics
Coating Cockle (Fabric) Cockpit Coif
Coir Coir Fiber Cold-dyeing Collage
Collar Collar Stays Collarette Color Abrasion
Color Fastness Color Out Color Smear Color Warp
Colorfast Colorfastness Colour Colour and weave effect
Colourway Column Skirt Column skirt / straight skirt COM
Combed Combed Cotton Combed Yarn Comber Sliver
Combined Fabric (laminated fabric) Combing Combing Machine Comfort Stretch
Comforter Commercial Standards Commingled yarn Compact
Composite Fabric Composite Yarn Compression Fabric Compression Stretch
Condensation Polymer Condenser Card Condensing Condition (n)
Condition (v) Conditioning Conjugate Fibre Construction
Continuous Cure Continuous Dye Continuous Filament Continuous Filament Yarn
Contract fabric Conversational Converter Convertible Collar
Cool Cool Colors Coolmax brand Cop
Cop Winding Machine Copolymer Cord Cord Fabric (Woven)
Corded Cordura brand Corduroy Corduroys
Core Core Spun Yarn Core Yarn Core-Spun Yarns
Core-twisted yarn Corkscrew fabric Corner Block Cornice
Corselet Corset Corset Bodice Corset Top
Corsets Cottagora Cotton Cotton batting
Cotton Count Cotton Crepe Cotton Fiber Cotton Ice
Cotton Vegetable fiber Cotton-like Couch Count
Count of Cloth Count of Reed Counter Stool Course
Courtelle Cove Cover Cover Factor
Cover Factor (Woven Fabric) Cover stitch Cover stitched armhole seam Covered yarn
Coverstock Covert Cow tail Cowl Neck
Crabbing Crape fabric Crash Cravat
Crazing Crazy quilt Crease Crease Mark
Crease Recovery Crease Resistance Crease Resistant Finish Crease Retention
Crease Streak Crease-Resist Finish Creep Creepage
Crenoline Crepe Crepe De Chine Crepe Fabric
Crepe Weave Crepe-back Satin Crepey Crepon
Crepon/Yoryu Cretonne Crettone Crew Neck
Crewel Crimp Crinkle effect Crinkled
Crinoline Crisp Cro-hook Crochet
Crochet hook Crochet lace Crocheted Crock
Crocking Cropped Top Cross cut Cross dyed
Cross dyed & overprinted Cross Dyeing Cross-bracing Cross-stitch
Crotch Crotch Seam Crowned Crows Feet
Crushed Crypton Cuff cuir bouilli
Cuprammonium Cuprammonium Fluidity Cuprammonium Rayon Cupro
Curing Curly hair cushion shelf Cut
Cut and Sew Cut pile Cut Velvet Cut yardage
Cut-on-cross Cut-on-fold Cutting charge Cutting on Approval
Cyanoacrylate D ring Dacca Muslin Dacron
Damak Damask Damasqutte Damassin
Damping Cloth Damping Machine Darning mushroom Dart
Dartmoor Dashboard Deacetylated Acetate Fibre Dead Cotton
Decal Comanie Decatising Decatizing Decitex
Deck, Decking Deco Decorative nail Decorative trim
Deep Pinning Deerskin Defect Defective
Degree of Crystallinity Degree of Orientation Delicate Delrin zipper
Deluxing Demilune Denier Denier Per Filament
Denim Density Dent Dentil molding
Depression Era Depth Design Draft Designer 727
Desizing Detergent Dhila Dhooties
Dhoti Dhurrie Diamond Diamond Neck
Diamond tufting Diaper Differential Dyeing (Fibres) Dikes
Dimensional stability Dimity Dip Dip Dyeing
Direct embroidery Direct Print Dirndl Discharge printed
Disperse Dyes Distressed District check Disturbed Place
Divan Diving Suit Diving suits/Wet suits DNR Tag
Dobby Dobby Fabric Dobby Loom Dobby machine
Dobby Weave Doctor Blade Doctor-Blade Streak Doeskin
Doff Doffing Cylinder Dogstooth or Houndstooth Check Dolman Sleeve
Domett Flannel Donegal Donegal Tweed Dope-dye
Dope-Eyed Dope/solution dyed Doru Dot
Dotted Swiss Double Breasted Double Cloth Double face
Double Knit Double needle Double needle safety stitched Double Panel Seat
Double sided fleece Double Tee Top Double Weave Doubleknit
Doublet Doubling Machine Doupion Doupion, Douppioni
Doupione Doupioni Dovetail Dowel
Dowel screw Dowlas Down Downproof
Drafting Drapability Draped Bodice Drapey
Draping Draw Sliver Draw Twist Drawing
Drawn Yarn Dress Shirt Drill Drills
Drop Needle Drop stitch Drop Stitches Dropped Shoulders
Dropped Waist / Low Waist Drugget Dry Dry Spinning
Dry Spun Dry Suit Dry-finishing Dry-heat fixation
Dry-laid Duchesse Lace Duck Duffel Coat
Dull Dungaree Dupaluidupallari Top Dupatta
Dupioni Durability Durable Finish Durable Press
Durable Water Repellent Durable Water Repellent (DWR) Dust cover Duster
Dusty wax Dutchman Duvetyn Duvetyn(e)
Duvetyne DWR (fabrics) Dye Dye bath reuse
Dye Liquor Dye lot Dye Stain Dye Streak In Printing
Dyed & overprinted Dyeing Dyeing of Textiles Dyes
Eames chair Eastlake Easy Care Eccentric Yarn
Eco Eco bleach Eco Fashion Eco Wool
Eco-fleece Eco-friendly Ecru Edge
Edge roll Edge Tape Edge wire Edge wire clip
Effect Threads Egg chair Egg Shell Finishing Egyptian Cotton
Eight-way tie Elastane Elastic Elastic Fabric
Elastic recovery Elasticity Elastin Elastodiene Fibre
Elastomer Elastomeric Yarn Electret Electrical conductivity
Electrostatic Printing Elongation Elysian Emboss
Embossed Embossed Satin Embossing Embroidered
Embroidery Embroidery Lace Embroidery pattern Emerised
Emery Cloth Empire Bodice Empire Seams Empire Waist
Encapsulation End End & end End Down
End Out End-on-End Ending Engineered wood product
Environmental conditions Enzyme Enzyme Washed Enzyme-catalyzed reactions
Eolienne Epaulet Epinglé fabric Eponge
Ergonomic Seaming Ergonomics Etamine Ethnic
Even-weave Excelsior Extensibility Eyelash
Eyelet Eyelets Fabric Fabric Air Conditioning
Fabric Construction Fabric Dip Fabric Extension Fabric Length
Fabric protection Fabric Roof System Fabric Stability Fabrication
Face Face Finish Face Finished Fabrics Face frame
Face Plate Facing Faconne Faggoting
Fagoting Fagotting Faille Fairisle
False Twist False-twist texturing Falted cloth Fancy Yarn
Farji Farshi Paijama Farthingale chair Fasciated yarn
Fashion Fastness Fatuhi Fauteuil
Faux Faux Fur Faux leather Faux linen
Faux shearling Faux silk Feeder stripe Fell
Fell (Fabric) Felt Felting Fent
Fiber Fiber Base Fiber burn test Fiber Content
Fiber dye Fiber reactive dyes Fiber Type Fiberfill
Fiberglass Fibers Fibranne Fibre
Fibre Length Fibrefill Fibrillated Fibrillation
Fibroin Figure Figured Velvet Fil Coupe
FIL-A-FIL Filament Filament fibers Filament Yarn
Fill or Filling Fill Stitch Filling Filling or Weft
Filling Yarn Findings Finial Finish
Finish oil Finished Fabric Finished Goods Finished leather
Finishing Firm Fisheye Fishnet
Fishtail Train Fitted Point Sleeve Fixing Flame Resistant
Flame Retardant Flame retardant fabric Flame Stitch Flammable
Flammé Flange Flannel Flannelette
Flared Leg Flash Flat Flat Front Pants
Flat screen printed Flat Yarn Flat-lock Seams Flax
Fleece Fleece Fabric Flexibility Flexible tack strip
Float Float (weaving) Floating Floating (warp)
Flock Flock printed Flock Printing Flocked
Flocking Floral Flounce Fluorescent Brightener
Fluorocarbon-free Fly Fly speck Flyer
Foam finishing Foam laminated Foam printing Foam rubber
FOB Foil Folded yarn Foot
Footboard Fore Runner Form Fitting Formaldehyde-free
Forte of a garment Foulard Four-way Stretch Frame
Frayed Weft Free Shrinkage Free swell absorbency French cleat
French Seam French terry Fretting Frey
Friction Calendering Frieze Fringe Frise
Frog Closure Front Frosting Fuji
Fuji silk Fujiette Full-cut Full-fashioned
Fulling Fungicide Fungistat Fur
Furniture Style Fusibles Fustian Futon
Gabardine Gaberdine Gadrooning Gaging Thread
Gait-Over Galatea Galloon Galloon Lace
Gamla Buti Gante Gaping Garden Egg chair
Garment dye Garment Dyed Garment Dyeing Garment Length Knitting MACHINE
Garment Twist Garment Wash Garment Washed Garnett machine
Garnetting Garter Stitch Garter Webbing Garters
Gassed Yarn Gathers Gattar Gaucho
Gauge Gauntlets Gauze Gauze/Cheesecloth
Gel blocking Genetically engineered enzymes Genova velvet Geometric
Georgette Geotextile Geotextiles Gesso
Ghaghra Gilded Gimp Gimp nail.
Gin Gingham Ginning Girdle
Glass cloth Glass Fiber Glastonbury chair Glaze, glazing
Glazed Glen Plaid Glides Gloves
Glue Glycol ether Go Tab Godet
Gore Gorge Gossamer Gota
Gown Grading Grain Granada
Grandrelle Grass Cloth Green-washing Greige
Greige Goods Grenadine Grey cloth Grey Goods
Grey hair Grinning Grogram Grommet
Grommet tape Grommets Grosgrain Grospoint
Guayabera Shirt Guipure Guipure Lace Gunny
Gusset Habotai Silk Habutai Hackling
Hair line Hair Nets Haircloth Haircord
Hairline Hairweight Hairy Haitian Cotton
Hakama Half Cloth Half CupBra Half Damask
Half Gauging Half Slip Half Stitch Halter Bra
Halter Neck Halter Top Hammered Satin Hand
Hand-rub Handkerchief Handkerchief Linen Handle
Hanger bolt HANK Hankerchief Style Hard
Hard Shell Hardwood Harlequin Harness
Harris Tweed Hat Haute Couture Hazardous waste
Headboard Headgear Headliner Heald
Heald Shaft Heat Set Finish Heat setting Heat transfer printed
Heat Transfer Printing Heather Heather Mixture or Blend Heavy metal free dyes
Heavy Weight Heddle Helical spring Hem
Hem Stitching Hemp Henequinn Henrietta
Herringbone Herringbone Twill Hessain cloth Hessian
Heterofilament Hickory Cloth Hide glue Hide, full
Hide-a-bed High count High Cut Brief High Cut Rio
High Loft High twist High Visability Fabrics High Visibility Clothing
High Waist Brief High-pressure decorative laminate (HPDL) High-Temperature Dyeing High/low
Hijab Hikini Himalaya Hip Pockets
Hip Shaper Hipster Hog ring Hole
Holland Holland/Shadecloth Hollofil Hollow Fiber
Hollow Fibres Hollow Filament Fibers Hollow Spindle Spinning Hollywood Waistband
Hologram Homespun Honan Honey Comb
Honeycomb Hong Kong Hook & Eye Closure Hook & Loop
Hook and Eye Hook Back, Hook and Eye Back Hook Front, Hook and Eye Front Hook Side, Hook Sides
Hoop Cutter Hopsack Hopsack Weave Hopsacking
Horn Horsehair Hose Hosiery
Hosiery Types Hound's tooth Houndstooth Houndstooth check
House-wrap HR Huckaback Hue
Hydroextraction Hydrophilic Fiber Hydrophilic Fibers Hydrophilic Fibres
Hydrophobic Fiber Hydrophobic Fibers Hydrophobic Fibres Hygroscopic
Hypoallergenic Iaedryun Iceland Wool Identification Test
Ikat Ikkat ILD Illusion
Illusion Bodice Illusion Sleeve Imberline Imitation Velvet
Imperial cloth Impression Mark Indianhead Indigo
Indigo & color Indigo & overprinted Indigo dyed Industrial textiles
Infusion Technology Ink-jet printing Innerwear Inseam
Inside Insole Inspecting Machine Insulation
Intarsia Interfacing Interlining Interlock
Intermission Length International Grey Scales Iridescent Irish lace
Italian cloth Ixtle J Placket Jabot
Jacket Jacquard Jacquard Card Lacer Jacquard Design
Jacquard Knit Jacquard loom Jacquard Mechanism Jamdani
Japanwork Jaspe Jeans Jerk-in
Jersey Jersey fabric Jersey Knit Jersey Stitch
Jersy Jet Dyeing Machine Jet-dye Jewel Neck
Jhumb Jig Jig dye Jockstraps
Johnny collar Joint Jump Stitch Jumper
Jumpsuit Jusi Banana Fabric Jute Jute and Burlap
Kalamkari Kalgha Kangaroo Pocket Kanjari
Kantop Kapadu Kapok Karchobi Work
Kasha Kemp Kenaf Kendal Green
Kerchief Kersey Kerseymere Keyhole Neck
Khaki Kick Pleats Kiering Kiln-dried
Kilt Kimkhab Kimono Kimono Sleeve
Klismos Knickers Knife Edge Knit
Knit Fabrics Knit, knitting Knit-de-knit Knits
Knitted Knitted Fabric Knitting Knitting needle gauge
Knock-down Knockoff Knop Knot
Knots Knotter Kodel Kurdi
L-cushion Lace Lacha Lacquer
Lacquer thinner Ladder Yarn Ladderback chair Lainb's Wool
Lainbs Wool Lamb's Wool Lambswool Lamé
Lame Lame like glotique Laminated Laminated Fabric
Lamination Lampas Lanolin Lap
Lapel Lapels Laser cut Lastex
Latent Heat Latex Lawn Lawson
Lay Lay Plan Layering Layette
Laying-up Leaching Leader Cloth Leader Strings
Lease Leather Leather match Leatherette
Left-hand twill Leg Of Mutton Sleeve Lehnga Leno
Leno weave Leno Weaving Leotards Leuco dye
Levelness Lever lace Light Weight Lignin
Limbric Limp Linear Density Linen
Linen Strong, Lining Linseed oil Linsey-woolsey
Linters Lis'er'e Lisere Lisle
Lisserie Listing Live Spindle Llama
Lock Stitch Loden Loft Loincloth
London shrunk cloth Long cloth Longcloth Loom
Loom Beam Loom state Loom-Finished Looms Major Motions
Loop & Brush Fringe Loop Fringe Looper Loose
Loose Pillow Loose tenon Loveseat Low-impact dyes
Lucet Lurex brand Luster Luster Fabric
Lustre Lutestring Lycra Lycra brand
Lyocell Lyocell Fiber Machine-Woven Mackinaw
Macramé Macrame Madras Madras plaid
MadrasFabric Maillot Maline Man Made Fiber
Man Made Fibres Mandarin Collar Manila Mantle
Marabou Marble Cloth Marble Silk Marker
Marker, touch up Marled Marocain Marquetry
Marquisette Marseilles Marshall Unit Martindale Test
Mashru Matelasse Matelassé Matte
Matte Jersey Mechanical stretch Mechanism Mechlen lace
Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) Meistergram Melange Melange/Heather
Melt-spinning Melton Membrane Memory foam
Mercerisation Mercerising Mercerization Mercerized
Mercerized Cotton Mercerizing Merino Merino wool
Mermaid Mesh Metalene nails Metallic
Metallic Fiber Metameric Match Metamerism Micro Suede
Micro-encapsulation Microbe Microclimate Microdeniers
Microfiber Microfiber Fabrics Microfibers Microfibers/Microdeniers
Microfibre Microfleece Micromattique Micron
Microorganism Microporous Middle Weight Migration
Milanese Milled/Fulled Millinery Milling
Mineral Dyes Mineral Spirits (Odorless) Mini check Mirzai
Mispick Missing Yarn Miter Joint Mixed End
Mixed End (yarn) Mocado Moccasin Mock leno
Mock Leno Weave Modacrylic Modacrylic Fiber Modal
Mohair Moire Moiré Moire Base Cloth
Moiré Finish (watered effect) Moire/Watermarked Moisture content Moisture Regain
Moisture Transport Molding Moleskin Monk's Cloth
Monofilament Monofilament Yarn Monogram Monotone
Montagnac Moquette Mordants Moreen
Morris chair Mortise Moss crepe/Pebble crepe Mossed
Motion furniture Mottled Mousseline Mousseline de Soie
Mule Spinner Mull Mungo Mushroom Stool
Muslin Mylar Nainsook Nainsook Athletic Union Suit
Nankeen Nano-fiber Nano-technology Nano-treatments
Nanofiber Nanometer Nap Naphtha, VM&P (Varnish Makers & Painters)
Nappa Napped Napped cloth Napped Fabrics
Napping Narrow crown staple Narrow Fabrics Natural
Natural & color Natural and overprint Natural Dyes Natural Fiber
Natural Fibers Natural Vegetable Fibers Natural Waist Nautical
Neck tape Necktie Needle Needle Line
Needle Punching Needled Needlepoint Needlepoint lace
Needlepunching Needlework Nep NEPS
Net Netting Nettle Ninon
No wale corduroy No. 14 chair Noil Non Woven
Non-toxic semi-aniline dyes Non-woven fabrics Nonwoven Fabric Notched Collar
Nottingham lace Novelty Novelty Yarn Nubuck
Numdahstitches Nun's veiling Nylon Nylon Fibre
Nylon Ingredients Nylon oxford weave Nylon zipper Nytril
Oatmeal Oatmeal cloth Occasional Furniture Off The Shoulder Neck
Off-pressing Ogee Molding Oil Coated Oil Repellent
Oilcloth Oilskin Olefin Olefirn
Olive Drab Ombre On Reserve Ondé
Ondule Open end Open End Spinning Open Reed
Open Stock Open time Open-shoulder construction Organdy
Organic chemicals Organic Cotton Organic Linen Organza
Organzine Orientation Oriented Strand Board (OSB) Ormolu
Osnaberg Osnaburg Ottoman Ottoman knit
Outing flannel Outline embroidered Outline quilted Outseam
Outside Oven Over coat Overall
Overdyed Overplaid Overprinted Overskirt
Overstuffed Oxford Oxford Nylon Oxford Weave
Pack Dyeing Package Package Dyeing Pad seat
Pad Steam Process Padding Paduasoy Paijama
Paint remover Pairhaniphiran Paisley Pajamas
Pallium Panache Panama Panel board
Panne Panné velvet Panne velvet Pannier
Pants Pantyhose Papa Bear Chair Papasan chair
Paper Yarn Paper-like Parachute Cloth Parachute Fabric
Parka Parkas Parquetry Patch Pocket
Patchwork Patina Patka Pattern Matching
Peach skin Peach wash finish Peached Peachskin
Pearlized Pearlized coating Pearls Peasant Top
Peau de Cynge Peau de Peche Peau de Soie Peau Satin
Pebble Effect Pebbly Peek-a-boo Pekin
Pelerine Pellon Pelmet Peplum
Pepper and salt Percale Perforated/punched Performance Fabrics
Permanent Press Permeability Persian Persian weave
Perspiration Resistant Petite point Petrochemical Petticoat
pH Phase Change Materials Phosphates Phthalates
Phulkari Pick Pick & Pick Weaving Pick Clock
Pick Finding Pick N Pick Fabric Pick-and-Pick Fabric Picker Machine
Picking Picot Piece Dyeing Pieced
Piecing Up Pig split leather Pigment Pigment dye
Pigment Dyeing Pigment printed Pigmented, or Top-Coated Leather Pile
Pile Fabric Pile Knit Pile Weave Pile Wire
Pileing Pill Pilling Pilot Cloth
Pima Pima Cotton Pin Holes Piña
Pina Pinafore Pinafore Apron Pinch pleat
Pincord/Pinwale Pinpoint oxford Pinstripe Piping
Pique Piqué Pique Knit Placket
Plaid Plain Cloth Plain Edge Plain stitch
Plain Weave Plaited Fabric Plaited Yarn Plating
Pleat Pleats Plied Plied Yarn
Plisse Plissé Plush Plush hand
Ply Plywood Pocket Pocket Facing
Pocket hole Pocket Weave POG Point Collar
Point d'esprit Point turner Pointelle Polar Fleece
Polish, French Polish, Furniture Polished Cotton Polo Shirt
Polyacrylonitrile Fibre Polyeiter Ingredients Polyester Polyester Fibre
Polylactic Acid Fiber Polymer Polymerisation Polynosic
Polynosic Fibre Polyolefin Fibre Polypropylene Polyster Ingredients
Polythene Fibre Pongee Ponte Di Roma Poodle cloth
Poor Appearance Poor boy Poor Cover Popcorn
Poplin Portable Frame Post-and-rung chair Post-Cure
Pot Life Power Loom Pre-Cure Pre-Shrunk
Prepared for printing/dyeing Prepreg Preshrunk Presidential Sash
Press Press Mark Press-Off Presser Foot
Prince of Wales Princess Seams Print Bonding Print Out of Repair
Printed & overdyed Printed fabric Printing Printing Machine Stop
Private Label Product stewardship Projection Proof
Proofing Spot Propex Protease Provence
Prunella PTFE Fabric PU coated Pucker
Pucker embroidery Puckered Bodice Puckered Selvage Puddled (drapes)
Puff printing Puff Sleeve Pull-up Leather Pullover
Purl Stitch Purple Purse Push Up Jeans
Push-pull Fabrics PVA glue Pyjama Pyrenees
Qalamkari Qiana Qiviut Qivuit
Quilt Quilted Quilting Quilts
Rack stitch Radium Raffia Rag Tacker
Raglan Sleeve Raglan sleeves Rail Railroaded
Rain Coat Raising Ramic Base fiber Ramie
Ramie Fiber Raschel Raschel Knit Raschel lace
Ratiné Ratine Ratteen Raw Material
Raw materials Raw Silk Rawhide Rayon
Rayon Ingredient Re-embroidered Reactive Dye Reactive dyed
Reactive dyes Reactive printed fabric Ready-to-wear Real twist
Rebond Recamier Recliner Recombinant enzymes
Recovery Reed Reed Mark Reeled Silk
Reeling Refectory table Reflective Insulation Technology Regain
Regulator Relaxation Relaxation Shrinkage Relaxing
Relief notch Renewable resources Rep Repco spinning
Repeat Repellency Repp Repp Plain Weave Fabric
Reprocessed Wool Residual Shrinkage Resiliency Resin
Resin-Treated Resist printed Resist treatment Resultant Linear Density
Retting Return Revolving chair Rhinestoned
Rhinestones Rib Rib fabric Rib Knit
Rib Weave Ribbed Ribbon Ribbon Lap
Ribbon yarns Ribboned Rickrack Ring Spinner
Ring Spinning Ring spun Ring Spun Yarn Rip
Rip-stop Nylon Ripstop Ripstop Nylon Rise
Robe Rocker Rod pocket Rolag
Roller printed Roller shade Romaine Roman shade
Romper Rope Rope Mark (running mark) Rose point lace
Rotary screen printed Rotor spinning Round Neck Roving
RTA RTW Rubber-like Rubberized hair
Ruche Ruched Ruffle Rug
Rugby Rugs Runner Running Mark
Running stitch Rush Russian cord S.G.
Sable Sack Sack coat Sackcloth
Sacque Sadri Safari Jacket Sailcloth
Sailor Salvage Samite Sand wash
Sandblasting Sanded Sandwash Sandwashed
Sanforising Sanforize Pucker Sanforized Sanforizing
Sanglier Saran Saran Fiber Sarcenet
Saree Sarong Sarong Skirt Sasawashi
Sateen Sateen Fabric Sateen Weave Satin
Satin Fabric Satin Nylon Satin Stitch Satin stripe
Satin Weave Sauvage leather Saxony Scalloped
Scalloped Edge Scenic Scented Schiffli Embroidery
Schiffli lace Schlock Scoop Neck / Round Neck Scotchguard
Scouring Scrim Scrimp Scroll
Sea Island Cotton Seam Seam Allowance Seam Line
Seam Mark Seam ripper Seam sealing Seam slippage
Seamless Knitting Seamless Technology Seat Section Mark
Section Warping Seersucker Self-goods Selvage
Selvage or Selvedge Selvedge Semi bleached Semi-aniline leather
Semi-attached cushion Semi-dull Sequined Sequins
Serge Serger Serging Serpentine Crepe
Serpentine Form Serwani Set-in Sleeve Setee
Sett Setting Sewing Sewing machine
Shading Shadowy Organdy Shag Shaker
Sham Shantung Sharkskin Shatush
Shawl Collar Sheared Shearing Sheaths
Shed Shedding Sheen Sheer
Sheers Sheeting Sheeting, cotton Shelf Bra
Shelf life Shell Shell Jacket Shellac
Shepherd's Check Sheraton Sherpa/Berber Sheting
Shetland Shield back Shin Gosen Shiny
Shirred Shirred Waist Shirring Shirring tape
Shirt Shirts Shirts with Zipper Shirttail Hem
Shoddy Shorts Shot Shot Effect
Show wood Showerproof Shrinkage Shrug
Shuttle Shuttle (Weaving) Side Opening Silhouette
Silicone Silicone washed Silk Silk film
Silk noil Silk-like Silver coated Singe
Singeing Single Knitted Fabric Singles Singles Yarn
Sinuous spring Sirospun Yarns Sisal Sizing
Skant Skein Skew Skewer
Ski Jacket Ski Mask Ski Suit Skirt
Skirtex Skirts Skiver Skivvies
Skort Slack End Slack Pick Slash Pockets
Slashing Machine Slat Sleeve Length Sleeve Tacking
Sleeve Vent Slinky Slip cover Slipper
Slipper chair Slips Sliver Sliver Knitting
Slub Slub Yarns Slubbed Slumber chair
Smart Textiles Smash Smock Smooth
Snag puller Snags Snap ring Snarl
Sock Socks Soft Soft Shell
Softwood Soil Release Soiled Filling or End Solid
Solid wood Solution Dyed Solution dyeing Solvent
Solvent Spinning Soy Soybean Fiber Space dye
Space dyed Spacer Fabric Spaghetti Strap Spandex
Spandex fiber Spanish blonde lace Sparkle Spat
Specific Gravity Speed Shorts SPF Spin Drawing
Spindle Spinneret Spinnerette Spinning
Splat Splay Split Bench Split grain leather
Split Neck Splits Sponge Cloth Sponging
Spongy SportFleece Sportswear Spot Weave
Spray print Spread Collar Spread Tow Fabrics Spring bar
Spring clips Spring Edge Clamp Spring twine Spun Rayon
Spun Silk Spun Yarn Spunbond Spunbonded
Spunlaced Spunlacing Spunmelt Square drive
Square Neck Stabilizer Stadium Jacket Stain
Stain Repellent Stain resistance Staining Stand-up Collar
Stand-up collar/mandarin Standard Waistband Staple Staple fiber
Staple Fibers Staple fibre Staple lifter Stay
Stays Steaming Stenter Stentering
Stippled Stitch Stitch count Stitch in the Ditch
Stitchbonding Stock dyed Stockinette Stockings
Stone wash Stonewashed Stool Stop Mark
Storm Flap Storm Shell Storm Welts Straight Legs
Straying End Stretch 2 way Stretch in warp Stretch in weft
Stretch knit Stretch lace Stretch Yarns Stretcher
Striated Strie Strike-off Stripe
stripes Stripping Structure Stuff
Stuffing Stump Panel Substrate Suede
Suede Cloth Suede cloth/Faux suede Sueded Sueded Cotton
Sueded Fabric Sulphur dye Sulphur Dyes Sun Protection Factor SPF
Sunbrella Sunn Super Super King
Super Light Weight Super Queen Superfine wool Supple
Supplex Supplex brand Surah Surfaced four sides
Suspenders Sustainable Clothing Swag Swatch
Sweater Sweetheart Neck Swim Suit Synthetic Fiber
Synthetic fibre Synthetics T-Bucket T-cushion
T-nut T-shirt Tabby Tablet weaving
Tabourette Tack Tack spitter Tack strip
Tacking Tacking strip Tackspun Fabric Tactel
Taffata Taffeta Taffetta Tagua Nut
Tailcoat Tambour Front Tank Suit Tank Top
Tankini Tanquis Tap Pants Tape
Tape Yarn Tapered Legs Tapestry Tarlatan
Tarpaulin Tartan Taslan Taslan Toile De Jouy
Tassel Tassel Trim Tattersall Tatting
Tea Length Tear Resistance Tear Strength Teentah Topi
Teflon Teflon coated Teflon coating Tenacity
Tencel Tencel brand Tennis shirt Tensile Strength
Tension Tension Control Weave Tension Pulley Terrain cloth
Terry Terry Cloth Terry Velour Terrylene
Terylen British tete - a - tete Tex Textile
Textile enzymes Texture Textured Textured Yarn
Textured Yarns Texturing Texturising Texturizing
TFPIA Thermal Thermal bonding Thermal Insulation
Thermoregulation Thick & thin Thick Place Thimble
Thin Place Thread Thread Count Threaded insert
Threads per inch Threads per inch (TPI) Three-four-five triangle Tiara
Tick weave Ticking Tie dyed Tie Side
Tie Silk Tie-Cinched Waist Tie-dye Tieback
Ties Tiffany Tight back Tights
Tissue Tissue Faille Tissue Pick To the trade
Toile Toiles de Jouy Tone on tone Toner
tooling Top dyed Top grain leather Top- coated leather
Topstitching Toque Torchon lace Torque
Torsion springs Torx Tow Toweling
Track Suit Tracksuit Trapeze Top Trapunto
Traverse rod Trend Trestle Trews
Tri-acetate Triacetate Tricoline Tricot
Tricot Knit Tricotine Trim Trim-cut
Tropical Tropical Worsteds Trousers Trunk
Tubular Tuck Tuck stitch Tuft
Tufting twine Tufting Yarn Tulip chair Tulle
Tulle Skirt Tunic Tunic Style Turkish Chair
Turning Turtleneck Tussah Tussah silk
Tussore Tuxedo Tweed Tweed British
Twelve-head Twill Twill tape Twill Weave
Twist Twisting Two and one tie Two-PLY
Tyre cord fabric U.L. Down UFAC Ulster
Ultra-Light Weight Ultraleather Ultraviolet Protection Factor UPF Unbalanced stripes
Uncut corduroy Under pants Under-press Undercoat
Undergarment Underlay Stitch Underlayer Underpants
Underwear Uniform Uniforms Union Cloth
Union dyed Union Suits Unitards Up-the-roll
UPF Upholstery Upland Cotton Urena
Urethane coated Urethane Upholstery Ushed/Napped UV Degradation
V neck V-Neck / V-Back Valance Valenciennes lace
Value (color) Variegated Vat Dye Vat dyed
Vegetable Dye Vegetable dyes Vegetable Tanned Leather Vegetable tanning
Vegetal Fibres Veiling Velcro Velour
Velours Velvet Velvet Satin Velveteen
Velvety Veneer Venetian Venetian lace
Venice Lace Vented Bottom Ventilator Vest
Vesture Vichy Vicuna Vinyl Upholstery
Vinyon Virgin Wool Viscose Viscose Fibre
Viyella VOCs Voile Waffle
Waffle Cloth Waist Waistband Waistcoat
Wale Wales Walking foot Wallhugger
Warm Warm Colors Warmth to Weight Ratio Warp
Warp Ball Warp Knit Warp knitting Warp print
Warp Thread Warping Wash-and-Wear Washable
Washable wool Washed Washing off Watch Pocket
Water repellency Water Resistance Water Spots Water-Based Products and Finishes
Water-Repellent Water-Resistant Watercolor Waterfall
Waterproof Wax coated Waxed leather Weave
Weave, woven Weaves Weaving Web
Webbing Webbing clip Wedding Band Collar Wedge
Weft Weft knit Weight Weight Of Cloth
Weighting Welded Shell Welding Welt
Welt Lining Wet Spinning Wet-finishing Wet-laid
Whipcord White Goods White-on-White Wick
Wickability Wicker Wicking Wide Legs
Wigwan Wilton Carpet Winch Dyeing Machine Wind Chester
Wind Resistant Windbreaker Winder Window treatment
Windowpane Windproof Windsor chair Wing
Wing Collar Wire loom Wiry Wool Woad
Wooden knitted Dress Woof Wool Wool Top
Woolen Woolly Work Wear Workroom
Worsted Worsted Fabric Worsted System Worsted Wool
Woven Woven Fabric Woven Knitted Ensemble wrap top or surplice top
Wraparound Wrinkle Free Wrinkle Recovery Wrinkle resistant
Wristlet Wyzenbeek Test X-chair X-frame chair
Y-cut Yard Yarn Yarn Conditioner
Yarn Dye Yarn dyeing Yarn slippage Yarn, Cabled
YARN-DYED Yoke Yokeless Shirt Yukata
Zardozi Work Zari Zephyr Zibeline
Zipper Zoot Suit zori

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